Meet Laura...

I was born in Argentina, Mendoza, by the end of high school I had lived in 8 countries. My travels continued and I was inspired by different cultures, specifically various cosmologies, dances and ritual practices. I  did a Masters in Cultural Heritage with a focus on Intangible Cultural heritage, the Arts and Community. This, and my background in Anthropology developed a strong understanding of the importance of community, creative expression, knowing of one’s identity, values and beliefs.

I also have a background in dance and performance, where I have performed in a range of styles at various festivals and events, collaborating with different dancers and musicians. I have taught dance and facilitated workshops within communities to preserve culture, the arts and connect communities and individuals. My favourite styles are flamenco and belly dancing.

 However, it wasn’t until I developed a painful health condition that I found deep healing through movement and wellness practices, particularly yoga and dance therapy This lead me to undertake my first studies in Yoga, through Yoga Therapy with Jean Campbell at the Yoga Shalla. The rest is history.I decided to embark on a never ending study of yoga and the self, undertaking various mentorships with high calibre teachers and spiritual guides as well as continuous development and studies on various therapeutic modalities, movement practices and therapies.  

Offering workshops, classes and facilitating community spaces in order to promote the healing and transformative practices of movement, yoga, dance and community; I draw on my background in community development and as a dancer and mover, weaving life and practice into a richness of creativity, connection and transformation.

Above all, I am  dedicated to love, self-empowerment, inspiration, service, and connection.




Personal Note

Biographies are really weird things. About pages. All that. Just in case you didn't get that from my bio... I am a really approachable and friendly person. Please, Never hesitate to introduce yourself to me when you see me out and about, also if you have any questions just drop me an email or give me a call.

In case you were wondering... my favourite things in life are chocolate, friends, dancing, movement explorations, yoga, deep conversations, tea, camping, dressing up, playing, essential oils, animals and trees!