Embodied Counselling and Psychotherapy

“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”     ― Aldous Huxley

My sessions integrate a blend of body work, somatic psychology, movement education and expressive arts that help to facilitate and support positive change. I also combine this with my current graduate counselling and psychotherapy studies .

Sessions available mid October at The Urban Health Collective Tuesday or Friday Afternoons. Appointments can be made via email at https://EmbodiedCounsellingBooking.as.me/.

You may find benefit in this therapy if you are currently:
Feeling 'stuck'.
Working through difficult emotional states such as grief, anxiety, shame or overwhelm.
Seeking support around finding your voice or expression.
Unclear about future direction.
Experiencing bodily tension/ discomfort.
Integrating your psychedelic and spiritual experiences.
Experiencing stress/ need support.
Feeling isolated/ disconnected.
Desiring deeper intimacy in your relationships.
Seeking to explore life purpose.
Develop intuition and connection to your soul.

If you would like to:
Release tension and habitual patterns.
Feel greater ease and comfortability.
Experience greater depths of connection.
Enhance self-esteem and self-awareness.
Support spiritual inquiry.
find more flow in your life.
Release habitual patterns
Identify and live from an individual’s strengths and supports.

Modalities include:
Thai Massage.
Craniosacral Therapy.
Somatic Psychology- working with the intelligence and wisdom of the body.
Somatic Movement Education.
Expressive Exercises.
Breathwork/ Breath Re-patterning.
Embodiment Meditations.
Yoga Therapeutics
Process Work (Form of Psychotherapy)-Discovering what is wanting to emerge in your process seeking to find wholeness and integrate what might have been disavowed.

Sisa-Sisa and Laura-0044.jpg
“Laura is intuitive and generous in her approach and I felt immediately comfortable in her presence to explore whatever arose within the session. Laura responded with openness and curiosity, without pushing or over-directing the session. She held a space of exploration where I felt I could attend to difficult emotions safely. As a writer, I can get caught up in the endless rabbit holes of language, and movement therapy really helped me to bypass language and follow the body instead. I’d recommend a session with Laura to anyone - in fact, I have already told my friends to give her a call!”
— Stefanie Markadis.