Laura is intuitive and generous in her approach and I felt immediately comfortable in her presence to explore whatever arose within the session. Laura responded with openness and curiosity, without pushing or over-directing the session. She held a space of exploration where I felt I could attend to difficult emotions safely. As a writer, I can get caught up in the endless rabbit holes of language, and movement therapy really helped me to bypass language and follow the body instead. I’d recommend a session with Laura to anyone - in fact, I have already told my friends to give her a call!
— Stefanie Markadis- Writer
There is a purity and gentleness about Laura. Her practice and teaching is focussed on yielding and letting go, allowing space for freedom of expression and what is. There is a real sense of joy, enlightenment and improved energy after an embodied flow class. I personally enjoyed the mixture of practices and highly recommend Laura. My heart, my soul and my body have benefitted significantly from attended her classes.
— Tracy Dutt (Financial Planning)
WOW!!! Simply blown away by the power of the journey. As an ecstatic dance facilitator myself I have experienced many different styles of facilitation. Laura is gentle, nurturing, holding and yet incredibly activating. Her level of empathy is out of this world. I felt connected to her and held throughout my journey despite nearly never opening my eyes.
The ajna (third eye) is one of my trickiest to dance through despite being a highly creative person myself. I can’t always call on it when I want to, but through Laura’s hypnotic imagery I was able to enter deep deep deep into my visual journey. Even as deep as some highly transformative hypnotherapy sessions I have had in the past, and the beauty was that I could actually physically MOVE through this imagery in order to EMBODY this personal realignment.
I feel the mandala drawing at the end and the circle of candles was the highlight of the dance....or maybe the visioning....no both....or just all of it! ;-) I feel so so blessed to have been present at this dance and look forward to more. I would definitely recommend Laura as a facilitator for group or one on one work .

— Luna Quattrocchi (Facilitator and Dancer)
How to even start describing Laura’s classes? She is simply the best. Laura is a master of her craft, incredibly knowledgeable across such a wide spectrum of body work – dance, yoga, massage, Chinese medicine. It is a true mastery in that during the class you feel like you’re on a journey of discovery together with the teacher. I’ve never felt intimidated, judged or out of my depth, despite having the flexibility of a brick. This is part of what makes Laura’s classes so good – being such a holistic master across disciplines and a born teacher. The other part is her spirit. Laura has a certain timeliness, a beauty, an elegance, a grace you can capture a little piece of during class. You can walk in off a dreary grey street and suddenly be transported to a different world, a mystical faraway mountain somewhere, a place where you can suddenly see how beautiful life can be and the potential you have to live that way. I just couldn’t recommend any of Laura’s classes or workshops more. There is far, far more to Laura’s classes than just technique, they provide a subtle but lasting boost to the spirit and you won’t be able to help smiling afterwards when Laura’s voice comes back to you and reminds you how perfect, how flowing, life can be.
— Luke Stephen ( Enviornmental Lawyer)
I have found different ways of sensing and newer ways of creating from Laura. There is a richness to the experience of her class that continues into my daily life.
— Daniel Martin (Composer)
Laura is a sublime yogi. Her calmness and clear directions make her classes seamless. She knows a great deal about the human body and caters for everyone. The cadence of her voice makes yin a delight and she also really gets us moving in more dynamic classes. I can’t stay away!
— Karen Sims- Speaker , Trainer & Entertainer
Laura has an uplifting presence and gentle energy that flows as effortlessly as her natural talents for dance and yoga. Whenever I am in her care I always feel listened to and empowered.
As a therapist myself, I am inspired by Laura’s commitment to holistic healing.
I would proudly recommend Laura to be your awesome, multifaceted therapist/teacher/coach if you feel you resonate and are inspired to face challenges and change for the positive 😊
Thank you for all your help Lau 💞🦋
— Morgan Sherwood- Kinesiologist