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Warriors for Women : Donation Yoga Class Edinburgh Gardens

In the last couple of months I have been tapping into the power of Deity Yoga, many wonderful teachers and teachings around me as well as the Goddesses themselves have inspired this exploration and I wish to offer you an opportunity to explore the potency of this practice for healing and transformation of the collective greater good and our individual selves. 

Invoking goddess shakti isn’t only a girl thing—it’s a way for everyone to tap into the deepest source of empowerment, creativity, and happiness. –Sally Kempton.

On Wednesday, we will be meditating and drawing from the wisdom of Durga: the cosmic warrior, the force within consciousness that battles ignorance and darkness.  

Durga is the power behind dramatic breakthroughs; she’s the strength you can draw on when you face challenging situations or deep backbends. “Durga rides a lion and her arms bristle with weapons, which she uses to slay an assortment of demons and other negative forces. For me, she’s also the patron goddess of the modern woman who juggles a job, children, and a yoga practice, and lives in a perpetual state of emergency while maintaining the calm of a Mona Lisa" (Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti ).  

Lets draw on the wisdom of Durga in service for our community and the wider consciousness around us, join me on a gentle slow flow in support of refugees and asylum seekers that are attempting to rebuild their lives and integrate into society.

Please bring a yoga matt, your beautiful selves and an open heart! <3

Donations for this cause can be made at:


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