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Strip yourself into Love: Women's Sacred Body Painting and Dance Workshop.

  • Pulse Ground Floor/1 Pitt St, Brunswick VIC 3056 Australia (map)

Hello ladies! This is an entire day of fully connective, embracing self and creativity workshop. 

* Meditation * Body painting * Dance *

Using ourselves as our canvas, we will draw our internal energies to the surface of our bodies through channelling healing colours, as well as the fluidity of our innate creativity. Guided by the natural shapes of our beautiful bodies - in combination with unravelling our unique inner essence, (and whatever else comes through), we'll uplift & expand ourselves through expression, art, & vulnerability. 

We will take note of our ancestral tribes who have for many aeons painted themselves in ritual and connect in with this energy. 

We will connect with our higher selves - Within in all of us is a goddess, warrior, healer, mother, elementals, deep ancient knowing and so on. This is an opportunity to paint ourselves in a way that will highlight our higher selves and energetically bring them more prominently in too our fields. It is like another tool or gateway into channelling our truest self, beyond the barriers of how we dress or are expected to look or feel in our normal day to day life.

The schedule will be as follows: - 
12pm – 8pm
* Opening circle - meditation & warm-up activities/partner yoga
* Delving deep - Individual free flow painting in front of a mirror
* Tea/snack break
* Moving into partner painting (painting each other)
* Celebrating our beautiful paint - guided dance journey to move, express and celebrate our selves and bodies.
* Closing circle

Highlights: -
* Personal power and embodiment
* Love & attention to self
* Love and appreciation and acceptance of our vessels/bodies/appearance
* Diving deep within
* Connectivity
* Art therapy
* Self-exposure
* Self-awareness
* Safe space

This is an opportunity to feel the sensation of our skin in a new way. It may be sensual, it will definitely be completely mysterious and fun. Connecting with ourselves one on one can possibly be a confronting experience for some, but by all means will be an expansive and healing experience for us all. 
Coming together to feel our feminine essence in a sacred and safe space; we soften and settle into the comfortability of our own bodies and energy, and hold space for ourselves, as we channel our own personal power. In blessing and in honour to ourselves; enhancement of the relationship with self, in whatever way that may be. Most of all this a non-judgmental space, no expectations of expression, we will be the guides but most of all, you will be your own creative guide.

There may be partial nudity but is not a requirement.

1. A medium-large mirror
3. A yoga mat or blanket
2. Towel
3. Water bottle
4. Snacks for yourself and/or to share

You are welcome to bring any sacred items of clothing or things that inspire you along to assist and enhance you and your body paint! It is not essential though, just a suggestion if you feel drawn to do so. Head decorations, colourful scarfs, pendants, crystals, images for inspiration. Anything such as this is more than welcome. 


Soraya: Professional face/body painter. She has been discovering the mysteries of the magic & sacredness of paint through channelling her art over several years, mostly at music festivals /events, and connecting with different people who she paints. She has just begun her journey in holding space and facilitating meditative and creative circles. Artist page:

Laura: Promotes self-reflection and contemplation with self-acceptance, compassion, awareness and grace. Laura runs her own business “Embodhi Spirit” where she offers embodiment and somatic practices, yoga, Thai Yoga massage, dance journeys and free movement meditations. For more information visit:

Contact either facilitator for any additional queries:

Soraya: 0435053308
Laura: 0434943100


Early bird/ Concession: $120.00

Full price : $150.00

Bookings at : 

Later Event: September 9
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