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Community: Authenticity and Connection Day Immersion - Mixed Retreat

Are you ready to realign and come back to your centre?

Does time in nature support and nourish you?

Is your heart lit up by being a part of a non-judgmental space fuelled by the practice of deep listening?

Come together with Sally, Liarna and Laura for a day immersion Retreat. Open to all members of the community, celebrating our uniqueness, our diversity and authenticity whilst connecting together as a whole. Join us as we tap into this unified web of connection; a rich tapestry that unites us all.

We will explore themes of connection, yielding, reciprocity and authenticity through::
taoist practices, somatic movement explorations, body work (Zenthai Shiatsu), Breathwork, yoga, self inquiry, open sharing and ceremony.

At the core of these practices is an invitation of deep listening. Through the solo movement practices we are guided to listen to and navigate the inner landscapes of self through the body, breath, mind and heart. The partner and group activities open us to a deeper listening with each other, softening into a more undivided state of being together.
The entire day will be infused with ritual and time with ancient gum trees and nature surrounds, inviting reflection and deeper connection to the great mystery we are all a part of.

This retreat will be facilitated by Sally Meredith of Sally Meredith - Elements Embodied, Liarna Conder of Rhythm & Resonance- BioDynamic Breathwork and Somatic Integration & Laura Escudero of Embodhi Spirit ॐ Yoga, Dance & Healing

More details on facilitators below

WHEN: Saturday the 24th of August, 9:30am-5:30pm
WHERE: Vine and Branches Personal Growth Centre,
27 Bonds rd, Lower Plenty
EXCHANGE: $190 with a non refundable deposit of $90 to secure your space. This is for a maximum of 18ppl and will book out fast.
(includes full day Retreat, lunch, snacks and herbal teas)
BOOKINGS: Please book via trybooking link below. YOu can either pay $90 deposit and bring remainding $100 on the day or pay full amount of $190 through booking link

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a confirmation with a short pre questionnaire to fill out. Please respond to this prior to 24th of August.


-Taoist Practices
-Somatic Movement Exploration
-Meditation and Contemplative Exercises
- Yoga- Zenthai Flow and Embodied Flow inspired practices
-Zenthai Shiatsu workshop -Guided give and receive bodywork
-BioDynamic Breathwork Session
-Sharing Circle
-Nature time and times of reflection
-Healthy snacks and herbal teas


Sally Meredith
Sally deeply values the importance of cultivating compassion that begins within our relationship toward ourselves. This is one of the greatest gifts she has received from the yogic path. Being intrigued by the experiential anatomy of our bodies and timeless yogic concepts, Sally's offerings will guide you on a poetic journey with your breath, body and heart.

Sally is looking forward to bringing the lens of Chinese Medicine to the retreat, a wonderful tool to guide us in tuning into the rhythm of nature’s seasons (as well as the seasons of our lives). She will share ways we can explore, apply and embody the 5 elements of Chinese Medicine in yoga poses, diet and lifestyle choices, and self care. As well as a guided body work workshop sharing the therapeutic touch of the Zenthai Shiatsu modality.

Sally works with individuals and groups under her business Sally Meredith - Elements Embodied. A life long Yogi, dancer, therapist, sacred activist and senior facilitator of Yoga, acroyoga, ZenThai Shiatsu, and a number of training programs. Sally is passionate about how we can heal and thrive when we take the courage to come back home to our-self and traverse our own inner landscapes.

You can read more at:

Liarna Chantelle Conder

Liarna is most passionate about creating nurturing and supportive environments for people to explore and attune to the innate wisdom of the body through dance, movement, self inquiry and the healing arts practices. She is particularly dedicated to working with trauma that has locked in the body and relational field; thus showing up through the narrative and creating disharmony in ones life. Her mission and intent is to support the unravelling of that which is blocking one from living fully free in the heart of each moment. Liarna especially loves working with dance and movement as tools for authentic expression and to bring a greater sense of balance and harmony through the body and life experience.
Liarna also works with Art to Healing which is a not for profit organization; supporting women in Nepal whom have survived sex slavery and exploitation. The project utilizes art therapy, trauma informed yoga, womens health and Somatic Experiencing to support these women to connect with their bodies in an empowered way; to honour their womanhood and love and respect themselves wholeheartedly.

She also run her own business Rhythm & Resonance- Biodynamic Breathwork and Somatic Integration where she offers BioDynamic breathwork and Trauma Release sessions, holistic counselling, womens circles, ceremonial journeys and somatic based therapies for all ages.

Laura Emilia Escudero
Laura’s work promotes self-reflection and contemplation with self-acceptance, compassion, awareness and grace. Laura is passionate about community, creative expression and knowledge of one’s identity, values and beliefs. Her work integrates her Cultural heritage and background in anthropology with her passion and extensive training in yoga, somatics, dance, cosmology and intangible cultural heritage. Laura offers workshops, dance, yoga, movement or dialogue for community cultural development, to build awareness and education around various issues and world causes. Laura is looking forward to collaborating again with her sisters Sally and Liarna again, creating a safe space for women to authentically connect to themselves, others and the whole. A safe space where women can support each other in nourishing themselves, expressing, shedding and letting go while in the context of the cycles of nature and the elements. Laura look’s forward to bringing in her own experience and healing journey of free movement, embodiment and somatic practices, mantra and meditation, yoga, partner and bodywork, self-care, sisterhood, community, ritual, cycles of nature and women.

Laura runs her own business Embodhi Spirit ॐ Yoga, Dance & Healing where she offers embodiment and somatic practices, yoga, Thai Yoga massage, dance journeys and free movement meditations. For more information visit:

We would love to have you join us..

Sally, Liarna and Laura

Earlier Event: August 23
Women's Circle- Sisters of the Cycles.
Later Event: September 1
Embodied Flow 200 HR / UBUD, BALI